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Papa Aur



Sunil gives a smartphone to his father for the first time when his parents come to visit him for the first time. The balance of the family shakes, which makes Sunil rethink the choice he made.

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Writer – Director – Raj Sisodiaa
DOP – Anil Pingua
Writer – Kundan Vidharthi
Producer – Vandana Mishra / Hiravati Entertainment
Co – Producer – Amar Dwivedi
Sound Recordist – Arvind Rathod
Creative Director – Surendhar Dhawale
Executive Producer – Rishikesh Tiwari
Line Producer – Sumit Jindal
Production Designer – Krishna Thakur
Editor – Vinay Pal
BGM – Dharmesh Mishtry
Sound Designer – Justin Jose


Father – Sanjay Mishra
Sunil Singh – Shreedhar Dubey
Mother Santo – Kumkum Das
Sister Binny – Ambika Vani

The Work

In the world of filmmaking, unexpected challenges are par for the course. This case study delves into a film production that faced multiple hurdles during its 3-day shoot, including adverse weather conditions (rain), a lead actor’s mother falling ill, time constraints, and the determination to complete the project on schedule. The production team showcased resilience, adaptability, and creative problem-solving to bring the project to fruition. All in all Effective communication and collaboration among the crew and cast were instrumental in overcoming challenges. Being adaptable and open to changing plans is essential in the unpredictable world of filmmaking. Weather and health issues can strike at any time, so having backup plans is imperative. Everyone was aware of the tight schedule and worked together seamlessly to achieve the project’s goals.

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